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Affiliate World Asia 2022 - Highlight Events

From November 30 to December 1, 2022, the next largest Affiliate World Asia convention will be held in Bangkok. There will be over 3,000 delegates and 150 exhibitors, as well as tops and webs from all over the world. We’ve put together parties and events to attend before, during and after the convention. Converting Team Meetup We’re hosting another exclusive invitation-only party. The event will be attended by industry leaders. Read more

Green Energy Offers for White Income on Leadgen

Sources of sustainable and renewable energy are becoming an increasingly important topic for developed countries, especially against the backdrop of the growing global energy crisis. Americans and Europeans are showing great interest in the topic of improving the energy efficiency of their homes and offices, and we have something to offer them! 

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Affiliate Trends for 2023: Trading and the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

With the last season of this challenging year upon us, it’s time to talk about what’s in store for affiliate marketing in 2023. We’ve highlighted a few current trends that show why affiliate marketing is still a promising source of revenue. Read on to find out which verticals will continue to generate revenue, what innovations to expect in the industry, and what to bet on going forward.

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These GEOs will be HUGE for Affiliates in 2023

A new season for affiliate marketing is almost upon is, which means it’s time to expand our horizons. Where are affiliate marketing campaigns in different verticals already taking off, and where should you be running traffic next year? Here’s a fresh look at GEO trends for affiliates in 2022-2023. 

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GEOs for Gaming: Where to Run Gaming Offers in 2022

Online gaming is a great niche for affiliate earnings. However, more and more countries around the world are tightening laws and also preventing advertising campaigns online. In this articlem, we’ll look at where you can still effectively collect high conversions and earn real money on gaming offers. Remember, you should always consider the nuances of GEO before launching your advertising campaigns. We’ll talk about popular regions for gaming and their specific requirements.

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How to Run Profitable Trading Offers in 2022

Turmoil within the trading markets always stimulates new interest in the vertical. In this article, we’ll show you how to capitalise on interest in the last quarter of 2022? We’ll show you the best place to make money from trading and which offers you should focus on. 

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How to Run Leadgen Insurance Offers Profitably in the U.S.

Times of crisis increase anxiety even in the most stable countries. Americans are looking en masse for ways to protect themselves and their savings from the coming economic storm. Today, let’s talk about making money on the trending area of leadgen - life insurance in the United States. We’ll show you who to target, where to get top offers, and what kind of creatives to prepare!


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