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Arbitrage Goes Viral: How and Where to Make Money in 2022

Arbitration is alive and kicking. Anxious times call for focusing on what matters most. It’s time to remember that money rules the world. Let’s close the news, stick our heads out of the sand and broaden our horizons. It is good where we are not, and that is where we need to be. 

We have prepared for you a brief overview of good opportunities how to monetise your traffic and replenish your financial reserves. Looking towards Europe, Asia, the East and Africa. Get in control and start making money from crypto, gambling and leadgen with Converting Team. Go for it!

Crypto and Gaming in Europe

The best way to ensure financial stability in turbulent times is to invest wisely. Europeans are keen to keep up with the times and follow new trends. While many people in Europe are affected by ongoing changes in the world, rather than lose interest in gaming and crypto, growing numbers are using them as distractions. 


Greece, Spain and Portugal are showing excellent stats for crypto and gaming offers.

Residents of warm, prosperous countries are less stressed, more optimistic and more willing to spend without remorse. Cryptocurrency popularity statistics in Spain for 2022 (see above) show that Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum are still popular and in high demand. Social networks are working well, targeting is becoming more accurate and creatives are converting and generating awesome bonuses.

How is leadgen doing in Europe? 

Car loans and insurance are popular  in Europe. Forward-thinking Europeans are concerned about the future and need great offers in this area. As a reminder, at Converting Team you can find exclusive top offers and get help generating creatives for various GEOs.

Gaming and Crypto in Africa

Many African countries are now world leaders in the growth of online gaming. According to the latest figures, the demand for gaming offers grew by 12% between 2021 and 2022, and this growth is still continuing. This is largely driven by increasing numbers of young people. 

Official statistics and forecasts say that by 2050 the number of young people under the age of 24 in Africa will double! 

Countries such as Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda are also leading game developers in the African region. Local young people are actively creating and absorbing content with a focus on European and American standards. There is now a  great opportunity to bring them to a place where they can satisfy their gaming desires.


The increase in the use of mobile traffic in the African region should also fuel optimism. According to local data, mobile traffic usage will reach peak numbers by 2026. The year 2022 offers many opportunities to squeeze out the market before the big competition in affiliate marketing arrives.

Forecast for LATAM and the GCC

Latin America continues to develop, with young people having more money and following trends, they are now ready to actively invest. Right now the top GEO for LATAM is Chile. It is a great GEO for running crypto, gaming and leadgen offers and getting great conversions.

Arab GCC countries are a goldmine for the top affiliates. There is more competition, but you can make a lot of money. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain belong to this GEO blog. Data shows that online casino turnover in Muslim Arab countries has steadily risen by $200 million a year since 2019. 

When you sign up with Converting Team, you will find some awesome offers on these GEOs to profitably monetise your traffic.

Squeezing out Singapore and Hong Kong


Colourful Singapore is blossoming and growing at a cosmic speed. It’s a great place to host a multitude of offerings, and the average resident can easily spend up to $1,000 on online gaming every month. 

Singapore is often compared to Spain, with the same excitement and high demand for gaming offers. Another cool thing about this GEO is that there are a lot of English-speakers as English is one of the 4 major languages in the country.

Hong Kong and Macau are on different sides of the Pearl River, but are equally good for crypto, gaming and leadgen. Statistics show that these GEOs are among the top 10 regions for high conversion rates for crypto and gaming offers. 

The Bottom Line

There are difficult days ahead of us, but if you keep cool head and clear goals, you’ll make it through. Concentrate on earning today, as many GEOs are showing excellent conversion rates and lenty of people are making money from them right now.

Pay attention to the unique GR, PT, CL, ES, SG, HG, GCC offsets. Analyse Africa and its opportunities. Set yourself up to make money and believe in your strength, now is the time!

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