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Warning - Car Loans Canada Scam

Converting Team is an affiliate network that was established more than 6 years ago. We deliver quality traffic from our affiliates and internal media buying sources to clients from all over the world across many verticals. 

Carloanscanada.com was one of our former clients and we would like to share our experience with them. As a result of working with Car Loans Canada, we have lost more than $45,000 and we want to warn others so as to prevent them from getting hurt too.

We began our cooperation with Car Loans Canada in May 2021. There were no red flags with our partnership with Car Loans Canada at the outset. They offered weekly payments for traffic and everything was paid on time without issue.

In around July of 2021 invoices started to pile up and, although we were told that we would be paid weekly, it wasn’t happening. 

We were in constant contact with Car Loans Canada, and they claimed to be having “accounting issues”. 

July 29th


On July 29, 2021, the CEO of the company, Andrew Lemoine, got directly involved with us and assured us that everything was ok and that everything would be back to normal in August. 

We were also assured that we would be paid “today” i.e. July 29 2021. 


There was another follow-up from Andrew the next day (July 30, 2021) mentioning some mess in the company’s accounting and that all payments needed to be checked because they suspected that they had paid the money owed to us, to another party by mistake.

On August 3rd, Car Loans Canada sent an overview of all the payments and debts. image

Shortly after we were informed to be patient and wait 3 more weeks, at we point the payment would be settledimage

The next time we heard from Car Loans Canada was on August 30, 2021. We were again assured that all will be paid. 


We continued to contact Car Loans Canada on a regular basis, but our messages were met with no response. 

On September 29, 2021 we received the following message from the CEO and owner of Car Loans Canada, Andrew Lemoine:


From this point on, there was communication only with Jason Groulx. He kept in touch saying “looking like the $ will come to us by next week”

On December 6, 2021 we were contacted by another person named Warren Smith who introduced himself as “part of the new ownership team at car loans canada”

Warren asked us for more traffic and offered $10k  to “show a good faith”, while the debt was around $45,000 at this time

We clearly stated we need the debt to be settled in full and we can’t accept just 10K


After working together for many months, Warren claimed that they had never done business with us. However, only Andrew Lemoine (previous CEO) left the company - all other employees are part of the “new company”, including Jason who was our point of contact the whole time.

We had no further response in communication from December 8th, 2021.

On 26 January 2022 we sent another email to all of the people we had contacts for and they agreed to have a call together to sort things out. 

On 3 February 2022 we had a call with Jason Groulx and Cliff Sayer who repeated that they wanted new traffic for Car Loans Canada and stated that they had no connection to the previous Car Loans Canada company, however, it was these two gentlemen who were talking to us the whole time.


  • Current debt is $44,840, total of 9 unpaid invoices
  • CT delivered traffic to CLC and CLC many times confirmed this debt, we were many times assured it will be settled
  • Current management claims they have nothing to do with this debt, although its the same people as before
  • Company address is the same, everything is the same, the only difference is that Andrew Lemoine is no longer the CEO.
  • There is still a strong connection between the old and new people, although they deny it. The relationship between people involved in the companies can be clearly seen on the autocorp.ai website: 


Jason Groulx - was our main point of contact since day 1, fully in charge of the cooperation from Car Loans Canada side

Cliff Sayer - was working side by side with Jason. 

Warren Smith - part of the new management team, who claimed that Car Loans Canada has nothing to do with the debt Converting Team has towards Car Loans Canada

Andrew Lemoine - CEO & Owner of CLC till at least September 2021, hasn’t been in touch with us since

Company address:

Car Loans Canada

575 West Hunt Club

Ottawa, ON K2G 5W5


We strongly recommend that you avoid working with Car Loans Canada at any cost. If you have had any negative experiences working with them, then please contact us directly to share your experiences.

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