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Case study: How to Maximise Conversions on Translated Landing Pages

Affiliate marketing enables you to advertise products anywhere in the world but, if you want to attack multiple geos, you’re going to need effective translations. In this guide, we’ll be taking you through how to acquire top quality translations which will maximise your conversions around the world.

The great advantage of affiliate marketing is that you are not bound by geographical limits. You can live in Germany and promote shampoos in Spain, or you can promote a campaign from an advertiser in your country from a co-working space whilst you’re on holiday. If you have a good traffic source, nothing is impossible. However, complications occur when it comes to translations. Here’s our guide to making the most out of your translations.

If you only deal in your native language, your business will be very limited but the good news is that if you have already created a campaign in one language, it is not difficult to have it translated. However, you have to rely on the service or firm you use to translate your work and if you do not speak the language yourself, it’s hard to check if the quality of the translation.

Here at ConvertingTeam, we spend a lot of time optimizing our campaigns before they go to our affiliate partners and making sure we have high quality translations is a part of the process. Did you know we create offers and projects in more than 15 different languages? Therefore, we have a lot of experience which we can share with you as the procedures that work for us can be easily used by you for your ads, banner texts, or anything else you may wish to have translated.

Tip: English is the default language for most translators.Therefore, if you have your own English copywriter, you can save a lot of money by writing all your texts straight in English. If you would write them in German however, and then need them translated into Russian, you will usually have to pay for the translation from German to English and then from English into Russian, which can double the cost!

This week we’ve optimized one campaign for promoting online crypto trading. It was a simple landing page with a 1 minute long video and about 20 lines of text. It is now in the process of being translated into 27 languages in total.

Our first step, before translation, was to optimize the site in English. We tested a total of 5 different main site headings and 3 different CTA variants. This selection resulted in 1 final version of the site to be translated.

With such a large number of languages it is difficult to check the quality of each. We therefore decided to translate each language using 2 different services independently of each other and assign a translation twice for each language on each of the services. This gave us 4 different variants of each translation for each language.

The difference between the translations was astonishing! Although all the translations were of equal quality, the big difference came from the ROI report.

Here are the results of the Polish version of our offer:


As you can see, Version 1 and Version 3 clearly have the best results although the reasons behind the difference is not so clear. By running this test, we have been able to narrow our choice down form 4 to 2 versions and can now begin to optimize these.

We then added more traffic to the test and the final result showed that version 3 worked better in the long run, giving us a CPA profit of more than $150.

There is also another way of checking translation quality and effectiveness. Instead of paying for 2 different translations at one service, you could opt for a translation and proofreading service. In this case, 2 people will look at the same text and increase its quality, however, you will not be given as many variations.

Every translator takes a different approach and, in the end, you’ll get 2 completely different versions of the same text, even though both translators given the same sentence to translate. In the long run, testing your campaign translations using more than one version will give you a greater ROI than simply relying on one.

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