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Deep Links and Naming: How it Works

Most people already know how to use links on the Internet; however, many people may not realise that there are a variety of different types of links and how they can be used. In this article, we’ll be diving into deep links. 

To begin with, let’s take a quick look at the regular URL links that everybody is familiar with so that we can better understand the differences. 

URLs are essentially the direct address of a page on the web or a “single signpost to a resource”. By following a direct URL link from a social network, the user leaves the site and ends up on a browser. At the launch of social media advertising, this kind of link was ineffective because users were often merged when trying to leave the familiar interface. Deeplinks, on the other hand, are a little more complicated. 

In the promotion of gaming and trading offers, deep links are often associated with WebView apps. In a nutshell, WebView is the mobile counterpart of a full-fledged website in an app. A deep or pending link leads to a specific page within the app itself, which mimics a full-fledged website interface on mobile. 

How deep links work to promote gaming offers

In the setup of gaming campaigns, users see an advert inviting them to click on a button. In a gaming app campaign, the link not only takes the user to the right page on the app but also contains a unique encrypted code that allows the client to get rewards when registering or fulfilling certain conditions. 

In gaming, deep links are used directly in advertising campaigns, for example, on FB or Tiktok. Before launching such a link, all the necessary parameters can be saved into it, which will be later read by the application. 

Deeplinks are generated and given to affiliates by their network. Thus, deep links help to direct and track traffic. For example, some affiliate networks can offer their partners the ability to drive gaming traffic through functional Telegram chatbots. By adding a link in the bot, the affiliate gets access to the deep links and naming for the chosen affiliate. Let’s talk about naming below.

How naming works

To launch effective campaigns, it is essential to set attribution parameters. This includes naming - the name of the campaign embedded in the ad link with the necessary parameters. These parameters can vary depending on what is essential to consider when tracking. Special attribution services help generate naming conventions that integrate the desired traffic source into the link being tracked. This will be different for every provider.

As in the case with deep links, affiliates can get a ready-made, generated naming from affiliate managers or use special, often paid services.

Let’s Summarise

Today, trading and gaming offers are focused on mobile traffic. When running ad campaigns with apps, it is essential to set up the necessary attribution parameters that help generate and track traffic effectively. 

Deeplinking and naming are important tools for effective gaming through apps. To get deep linking or naming, special services or coders can help you. Professional networks provide their affiliates with the necessary parameters for tracking and traffic for free!

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