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First Impressions Last - A Brief Guide to Conferences

Now that things are finally starting to open up, conferences are making a much-awaited return. However, if, like us, you’ve become accustomed to swapping out jeans for pyjamas, then you’ll probably need a nudge back into society. That’s why we’re giving you this handy guide to help you enjoy your conference experience. 

Conferences are a great place to network and an even better excuse to party. However, if it’s your first time attending, then you might feel a little out of your depth. Don’t worry, thanks to everyone spending almost two years in isolation, we’re all feeling that way, making now the perfect time to bring your A-game. 

Put your best foot forward

All conferences are filled with a variety of people. You’ll see industry veterans, CEOs, managers, marketers and newbies alike, and you’ll probably have no idea who’s who until you pluck up the courage to ask. Just remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Everyone started somewhere, and if you’re worried about speaking to people, then remember why you’re there. To meet people in the industry. Just like everyone else. 

Don’t fake it if you want to make it

No one starts their journey knowing everything, but plenty of people start out by pretending they do. This is a bad idea! Confidence is king, but it’s important not to misplace it.

Your confidence should stem from knowing what you really can do and what you want. You should always go to conferences prepared. You don’t have to write long speeches and bullet points. Just make sure you know which areas you work best in, what information about your successes you’re willing to share, and which areas you really need help with. If you know all of these things, then you’ve got all of the ammo you need to speak with confidence. 

Don’t Know? Don’t Worry! 

One thing that holds many people back at conferences is that they have gaps in their knowledge. However, that’s one of the main reasons conferences exist. They provide a space to share ideas out in the open, and people who have problems can hopefully meet the people who have the solutions.   

If you are a true beginner, then don’t be afraid to let people in the room know you are new to the business. More often than not, people will like talking to you and telling you all about how they have made a living in the industry, and this can lead to some helpful advice. 

Tidy Body, Tidy Mind! 

What you wear reflects who you are, and it can dramatically alter how people look at you. The affiliate world is no different. Therefore, ensure that you look presentable. This doesn’t mean that you should attend every conference dressed like James Bond, but you shouldn’t rock up topless in board shorts. Clean jeans and a t-shirt will work fine. Affiliate marketing isn’t a formal industry, but you still want people to take you seriously. Too casual, and people won’t think you care, too formal, and they will think you’re trying too hard.

Make sure you have Business Cards

Business cards have two main functions. First, they show that you are serious about what you do, and they make it easy for people to swap contact details.

They should include your name and email address as a bare minimum. Most people don’t use phone numbers these days unless it’s for WhatsApp. If you do add your phone number, make sure to include your country’s calling code. Conferences draw in an international crowd, and if you don’t put it, most people won’t bother calling.

You should also aim to collect as many relevant business cards as you can. Just be sure not to forget about them when you get home. Most people who make affiliate marketing seriously will follow up with the people they met at the conference once they return. This is a really good practice, and the responses you get will let you know who’s interested and who isn’t. 

The Bottom Line 

Enjoy yourself and make some friends!  

The last thing people want at a conference is to be surrounded by miserable people. So there’s a reason that there are parties and events attached to conferences. Sure, it’s not quite a holiday, but it’s also not quite work. 

If you enjoy yourself, then the chances are, other people will enjoy themselves when they are in your presence. Last but not least, have fun. This doesn’t mean knocking back 14 tequila shots before breakfast, but you should try to relax and do things you enjoy while you’re there. Take part in the activities you want to and check out the local area in the evening. Plus, if you can, take a few days on either side of the conference for a bit of a break. Lots of affiliates do, and you’ll find that many conferences continue after the doors have closed.

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