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How to create effective gaming creatives for Facebook

Which creatives convert better for gaming? How not to go bust with unworkable creatives? Where to look for help and advice on creation and effectiveness? We answer all of these questions and more below. 

Facebook’s advertising policy has now become more flexible towards online gaming ads, although the rules are still quite restrictive. Experienced affiliates understand that the only way to attract and retain the attention of creatively spoilt users is through vibrant dynamics and frequent creative changes in ad campaigns. To do this, it is important to be well-versed not only in social media advertising policy, but also in marketing approaches to creative production. 

Which gaming creatives are converting?

For starters, let’s look at the basic, already familiar rules for creating gaming creatives for almost any GEO. So, often online advertising creatives for gaming rooms will convert if they have one:

  • dynamics;
  • bonuses;
  • game mechanics;
  • attractive people;
  • emotions and money;
  • clear calls to action.

Dynamic creatives are increasingly taking over the internet space for every type of advertising, although static is still in business and, often, also shows decent results.

Bonuses and all the ways you can get them, especially the wheels, are a cool and effective element in any creative. They draw players in and get them excited to win.

Showing game mechanics, such as live gameplay and real results is also a great way to attract valuable leads. How vividly you engage the user in the gameplay even at the advertising stage determines their desire not only to register for the game, but also to repeat the success in it.

Of course, as with any advertisement, beautiful people (often girls) help to grab the attention of clients. Although, if a male player is shown, such as a portrait representative of your target audience, users will be able to associate themselves with the character and be tempted to repeat their success.

In the gaming world, players are looking for adrenaline and success unavailable to them in the real world. Show them how others experience these coveted emotions and what it takes to experience something similar. Since many people often associate success with money, the image of banknotes native to the player will reinforce the desire to play.

Calls to action are important and should be placed in the descriptions as well as on the creatives themselves. Our brains are built in such a way that it is much easier to understand ready-made commands than to figure out what needs to be done. Don’t forget to include clear instructions and calls to action in your creatives to make it easier for the customer to take the targeted action.

Specificity of creatives for different GEOs

Of course, in addition to the general rules, it is also important to consider the specifics of the GEO for which you are preparing or adapting your creatives. This can be nuanced, from colour preferences to prohibitions on the use of explicit photos of women. If you don’t want to run an ad in purple, for example, you should at least do some research into the mentality of the country’s people. You should also always double-check such seemingly minor details as the correct currency, payment systems, language and even skin colour and other details that can blatantly fail your advertising launches.

How not to miscalculate creativity

We all know that only constant tests can give birth to a great bundle to get the maximum conversion from promoting a particular offer. But how can you avoid spending your entire budget on tests? For this, it is important to understand in advance which direction to go in terms of producing creatives. Who can help with that? Only experienced professionals, who have done a lot of work developing working creatives for affiliates all over the world.


Converting Team partners can always count on our team of pros to prepare effective creatives for advertising campaigns for any GEO. We have assembled a really cool pool of design, copywriting and video editing experts. These people clearly understand the needs of the target audience, constantly monitor feedback from the internal affiliate group and help our partners achieve the best results in the shortest possible time with the least amount of testing. Our creatives are always ready to help you use your advertising budget wisely and increase your revenue.

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