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Green Energy Offers for White Income on Leadgen

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Sources of sustainable and renewable energy are becoming an increasingly important topic for developed countries, especially against the backdrop of the growing global energy crisis. Americans and Europeans are showing great interest in the topic of improving the energy efficiency of their homes and offices, and we have something to offer them! 

Why Green Energy? 

According to Green Affiliate Programs, profits from the sale of home energy efficiency products exceeded $800 million for the year. According to LOHAS, up to 19% of U.S. adults have spent their savings in the renewable energy industry. Overall, the statistics show that the worldwide trend toward reduced energy consumption and a “green” way of life continues to grow steadily.

Now let’s take a look at what the key queries on the burgeoning green energy market look like in 2022.


Since, for the most part, green energy is associated with solar energy, the prefix solar inevitably makes it to the top of the list for “green” queries. So you can make sure how popular the topic of solar energy is for consumers, especially in the United States.


And this is what the data looks like for key query collection with a tail of different endings according to Ubersuggest.


Interests and Creatives

Let’s talk a little bit about the target audience using the USA as an example. As a rule, customers of renewable energy products are adult families with children and mortgages. Income is also important (starting from the average plus, since the installation and maintenance of solar panels, energy-efficient windows and other “green” features - not a cheap pleasure).

Average Green Audience:

  • men and women 30-55 years old;
  • Having children, a mortgage, a house;
  • Average and above average income (from about $130,000 per year);
  • interests: green energy, solar energy, improving the energy efficiency of homes;
  • Additional interests: finance, economic analytics, saving resources, reducing bill payments.

The target audience can always be found in topic groups and forums. Hence the content strategy - creatives should contain useful and valuable information on improving the energy efficiency of rooms: slideshows, infographics. 


Emotional triggers for creatives:

  • shock at the amount on the utility bills;
  • the joy of reduced costs;
  • spending the resources saved on travel, children’s education;
  • conscious attitude to nature (eco).

The videos with the process of installation and the result of savings, the emotion of joy at the effective solution obtained by the example of a family with children work well. 

The main source of traffic is Facebook. The algorithms respond perfectly to creatives on green offers, moderation is easy and fast. This is another cool reason to make money on white leadgen on unique offers from Converting Team!

How much can I earn? 

At the most minimal payouts, the profit per conversion can be $10-35. The average commission on green offers in the U.S. is 7-12%. When selecting an effective link and decent creatives, the amount of earnings per successful campaign can be in the thousands.

Of course, the amount of earnings will also depend on the advertising auction and timely optimization of the campaign. You can always get help with the selection of offers and creatives from your CT manager.

The top green energy offers today are the installation of solar panels on the roofs of houses, as well as the installation of energy-efficient windows.

To summarize

Running white leadgen on popular green offers is a great way to earn affiliate income for 2022-2023. The main GEO is the U.S., although the geography of affiliate providers is starting to expand considerably. 

When selecting a target audience, we should focus on adult family people with houses and mortgages who want to save the planet and lower their energy bills. When choosing a traffic source, we focus on FB.

Ready to make money on white leadgen? Write to your CT manager right now. We have unique offers with high payouts, as well as cool free tools to drain effectively!

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