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How to Create a Professional Custom Email Signature

Your email signature tells your customers a lot more than you might think. Therefore, it’s important to get it right and appear professional. In this article, we’re going to show you what to include to gain trust!

Your email signature can say a lot about you and your business and getting it wrong can put people off. However, get it right and you’ll gain people’s trust and loyalty.

Regardless of whether you’re sending newsletters, cold emails or talking to clients, your email signature will be visible every time you communicate with people. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to put a little effort into getting it right.

Email signatures, don’t have to be overly complicated. In fact, they should be quite simple, however, they also have to contain all of the information needed so that they instantly sell your brand. Here is a breakdown of what to include:

Contact Information

The first thing that you want to highlight in your signature will be your basic contact information. That way, people will know exactly who contacted them. All you need to include is your name, business name and your job title. If you want to make it easier for people to contact you directly then you can also add your email address and phone number.

It might seem obvious to you that if you send an email, all a person has to do is hit reply. However, sometimes you may want to send mail from one address but receive it in another. By adding your email address at the bottom, you can get people to send mail directly to a specific inbox.

Logo, Headshot or Image

The next thing you’ll want to include is your brand logo, headshot or relevant image. If you are trying to build your brand then having your brand image in your email signature will ensure repeated visibility, which will build over time. However, if you work for a company and need to email lots of clients, then a headshot might be better. That way people are able to see who they are talking to.

Promotion of New Content

If you’ve got an e-book, blog or other content that can build trust and give customers more information about your company, then attach a link to it in your signature. This can help build credibility and show that you have something to give.

Call to Action

If you are sending emails that you want people to respond to, then use a call to action to help them out. Remember, most emails serve a purpose, whether it’s to get new clients, generate sales or link someone to a specific page. The easiest way to get people to do this is to tell them clearly exactly what you expect them to do. Adding a simple call to action in your signature will do that for you.

Quick Tips:

Less is more

As with most things in design, less is often more. That doesn’t mean you should leave out vital pieces of information to save on space, it just means that you should try to condense everything as much as possible so that users can digest your information quickly.

Consider Colours

Colours are important in making your designs stand out. Try to use a composition of 3 colours/shades. Don’t use colours that contrast or conflict too much as you want the signature to look like a uniform whole. The easiest way to do this is to pick 2 shades of one primary colour and then, for areas where you really want to add emphasis, pick a third complementary colour. By doing so, your design won’t clash and you will draw attention to where it’s needed.


When it comes to deciding which fonts to use it’s best to go with sans serif. This is because sans serif fonts are less distracting to the eye and they convey information more clearly and precisely.

You should try to find two different fonts, one can be used to highlight the type of information e.g. Email, Name etc. The second can be used to add extra information.

Get started!

Got an idea for your email signature in mind? Then here are some links to help you get started using various email providers:





Samsung Email App

Yahoo! Mail

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