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How to Verify Your Domain for the Facebook/Apple iOS 14 Update

Facebook Ads Manager is making changes to adapt to the new Apple iOS14 privacy policy. As a result, anyone advertising on Facebook will have to verify their domains. If you’re not sure how to verify your website domains, then read this…

You should verify your Facebook domain now! Here’s How…

Domain verification just means that a business owner is claiming their brand’s domain for use on Facebook. Facebook’s ads manager functionality is due to change thanks to Apple iOS14 privacy policy updates, so anyone who advertises on Facebook now needs to verify their domains. Here’s how to do it!

Domain verification establishes which Business Manager account has authority to configure and prioritize the 8 conversion events for a given domain. If you don’t verify, you could end up facing potential data tracking disruptions.

Keep in mind that if you’re using a third party domain, you won’t be able to track events after a user leaves Facebook, even if you have a Pixel installed! This can happen when advertisers who run ads to pages on unbounce.com haven’t added their domain to the landing page builder, or to businesses who run free versions of Squarespace, with the space.site domain, and not their own. Domain redirects aren’t the solution! Facebook hates redirects.  

How to Verify your Domains for Facebook

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to Business settings, find Brand safety on the left side of the page and click on Domains. 

image 2. Click add and enter your domain there - you’ll see a menu there. 

image 3. Copy the txt record and go to where your DNS records are, whether GoDaddy or Google domains or whatever you’ve been using.

image 4. Once that’s loaded, select the type (txt).

image 5. Put @ as the host - this step isn’t always necessary.

image 6. Paste the txt value and click save. Then you’re nearly done. 

image 7. Go back to Facebook Business settings, and select verify under the domains. It can take up to 72 hours for this part to appear, but usually, it only takes a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t show up straight away, then sit tight and check back later. 

That’s it! That means you’re all verified and you won’t run the risk of losing tracking data on Facebook!

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