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How Using Images with Less Text Can Boost Your Conversions

When using social media sites to advertise your offers, studies have shown that reducing the amount of text within your images can actually help your conversion rates. Here’s why:

Due to the review process on many of the major social media platforms, the amount of text placed within pictures can have a negative result on how the algorithms perform. Ads with too much text will be subject to harsher reviews and may not get approved. However, some images which are taken into account by the algorithms are product images, book covers and album covers. This is because social media sites take into account the need for some items within pictures to include labeling.

Facebook provides a tool which you can find here, that allows you to upload an image and check if the text within it meets their general guidelines. However,they will notify you when you try to upload your image if they detect that it may use too much text.

How to include text and be approved


Before attempting to include text into your images, be aware that images with 20% of less text, not only get approved more, but are also more likely to generate higher conversions. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can reduce the amount of text in your images.

The first thing you should do is aim to use as few words as possible to say as much as possible. Remember, anything that you need the customer to know can always be written in the body of the post; the image just needs to grab people’s attention and get them interested. However, if you really must use text in your image then try to keep it small. Use a an easily readable font and try to limit the amount of space you use. Don’t spread the text out across the entire picture!

How text in images affects your ad reach

Here is a quick guide to judging the amount of text in your image against its potential performance.

Image Text: OK


If your ad image contains less than 20% of the area covered by text then it should be deemed ok!

Image Text: Low


Put a little more text in and spread it over a wider area then you will suffer in terms of reach. One way to alter this is to use fewer words, a smaller font and better placement of the the text.

Image Text: Medium


Once again, due to the higher amount of text used, your image will reach fewer people.

Image Text: High


Too much text, as in this example and the algorithm may stop your ad from running at all.

Less is More

Pretty much all words and numbers found within your image count so always err on the side of caution when using images containing text. Logos, watermarks and numbers all get taken into consideration and will harm your campaigns if you include them.

Social media sites are only going to get stricter and trying to bend the rules doesn’t work. If you use these guidelines, then you will reach a larger audience and spend less money doing so.

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