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How to Run YouTube Campaigns for Leadgen in the USA and Canada

Home improvement has a massive market in America and Canada and can generate great results for affiliates. Americans are always looking for new ways to make their homes comfortable and energy-efficient. In this article, we’ve prepared a practical guide based on materials from popular vlogger Brian Dean on how to get the desired traffic from YouTube. 

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Selecting keywords

The first important step when promoting YouTube videos is keyword analysis for the SEO optimization of your channel. Here everything is quite simple. First, you need to insert the keyword phrase of your offer in the search on the site and see what exactly people are searching for by the query. 


Next, search by keyword phrase and use the filter. The site offers you to rank videos by download date, relevance, number of views and rating. In our case, “number of views” plays a role, as the most popular videos of all time will appear here.

After that, select the most viewed video on the topic and analyze its title, description and keywords (tags) used. You can install a special VidIQ extension for Chrome for this option. 


From what you get, you can easily make a first list of the keywords you need to use in your video. For optimal keyword gathering on the site, it is important to carefully study your competitors’ content. For example, this material (in English) contains a list of 15 popular home improvement channels.

Now it is important to filter the list so as to get the keywords with low competition for affordable promotion. You can do this with a simple search. So, you type the words and phrases from the list into Google. Search engine open native to the country in which you plan to promote offer. Let’s start with a common query with YouTube.


We see that the resulting number of hundreds of millions indicates the highest competition. Consequently, you need to select keywords with far fewer (less competitive) publishable content. You will have to play around with this, but you can get pretty good results as a result. For example, if you specify a query on the installation of solar systems, the competitiveness of the keyword is significantly reduced. You can also use Google’s built-in keyword planner to look at the relevance of queries.


So, conclusion one. You don’t just need to make a superficial list of keywords, you need to filter them by competitiveness to be more effective. It’s important to focus not only on the search terms in YouTube itself, but also on the output in Google. Because even with a simple “all” or “all” search in the first tab, YouTube videos often come out on top.

If we summarize the popular topic queries on Google, we get such content categories:

  • practical guidelines and tips (“how to improve energy efficiency at home”);
  • reviews and comparisons (“home solar plant review”);
  • instructional videos (“how to install solar panels on the roof”).

Video clip design


The YouTube video format allows you to maximize the use of both keywords and other textual elements for promotion in the description of the video. In short, an effective working template looks like this:

  • a strong introduction of 2-3 sentences using 2-3 key phrases
  • 150 words of description under the “show more” button;
  • references.

Note that a detailed video description should be at least 150 words (250+ words is best) - this also gives it weight in ranking. In the details you can specify key values and benefits for the client, essentially using the text as a prelude to link clicks. Also use keywords from your list 2-4 times in the text.

In addition to the obvious keyword in the video title, use parentheses at the end like [novelty 2022] or [updated checklist]. Yes, a HubSpot study showed that adding parentheses to the title increased click-through rates by 33%. By the way, the best click-through rate is also shown for headlines between 40 and 50 characters long.

YouTube algorithms: how to get more views

Which YouTube video is gaining more views? Here are the key factors:

  • the ad is clicked on in the overall output (CTR indicator);
  • the video goes all the way to the end;
  • under the video leave reactions and comments;

To increase CTR, everything we talked about above works - effective optimization of the video, selection of the right title. You should also take care of a normal splash screen - a static picture which is shown in the video’s output when it is searched for.

In order to keep your video to the end, it is important to carefully review all the materials on “keeping your audience’s attention”. Often YouTube’s top-rated videos are quite long (even over an hour), but it’s likely that a whole team of pros is working on them. In fact, your video can last a few minutes (or even up to a minute), but it can convey a high-quality and effective message to your audience.

You should take care of the reactions to the video beforehand. At a minimum, ask colleagues, friends and partners to put their reactions. Also, don’t forget to give specific instructions in the video for viewers to “follow the link in the description” or “subscribe to the channel and give it a thumbs up”.

Why promote home improvement in the USA and Canada

Now that the algorithms and video optimization for YouTube are sorted the main question is why should you start earning on leadgen offers in USA and Canada? Let’s analyze some facts and figures.

First of all, you have already seen that there are more than 500 million hits on the American Google search engine for home improvement. Second, the list of popular topical YouTube channels has only 15 resources, of which 13 authors are located in the USA, one in Canada and one in India. We also recommend reading a relatively recent case study on the promotion of solar home stations in the US on our English-language blog.

Home improvement is one of the hottest leadgen verticals for 2022 and you can safely test YouTube as a source of traffic, as well as other popular social networks.

Write to our managers and get all the necessary tools to earn on leadgen, as well as access to unique home improvement offers!

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