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Where the Profits Are - Profitable Offers Amid Rising Prices in the USA

So far in 2022, the US consumer price index has risen to 8.6%. Americans are expressing mass dissatisfaction and preparing for the worst by trying to optimize their spending. That’s where great offers enabling US citizens to save money come in. In this article, we’ll look at the popular offers relevant to affiliates running campaigns in America this year.

Pouring on auto insurance in the U.S.

Prices are going up everywhere, from housing and food costs to the price of electronics and car maintenance. US residents understand that the crisis will not end by the winter and are already actively looking for ways to optimize their costs. We previously wrote about how great offers for refinancing mortgages and installing solar home stations were. This time, let’s talk about auto insurance!

Bankrate estimates that Americans spend an average of $1,771 per year on auto insurance (as of July 2022). On a month-to-month basis, other data shows that U.S. residents routinely spend about $148 a month on their auto insurance. Understandably, many Americans aren’t happy with these figures, especially with the total rise in the price of gasoline, medicine, groceries and other basic necessities. 

The solution to this is to buy car insurance at the best price online! Without all the bureaucracy and red tape. Saving money and time is a great and relevant trigger for most of Americans in 2022. 

Where can you find reliable and profitable auto insurance offers for the USA? Talk to a Converting Team manager about all the details of earning leadgen with free access to effective tools now!

Traffic sources and creatives

Social media traffic works really well for auto insurance. As far as Facebook is concerned auto insurance is a whitehat leadgen vertical, although even here you may encounter clumsy moderation. To avoid problems, we recommend choosing specific images of people and objects - no cropped parts of hands or cars. And of course, do not replace symbols with emojis. With regards to text, make simple lists and avoid ambiguity.

When it comes to English-language creatives, there are a few differences between UK and US advertising. UK audiences tend to favour problems to trigger sales, rather than solutions.  Here, creatives with concerned female drivers who have been involved in an accident work well. Be careful though as overly graphic images of crashed cars are against Facebook’s advertising policy. 


In the U.S., on the other hand, people are more triggered by pictures of joyful travels of happy families (be sure to consider the diversity of people and adjust to specific states - the nuances of creating effective creatives for each GEO you can find out from your manager). 


In the text, be sure to tell first how much the family will save from re-purchasing/purchasing car insurance. Use specific figures and show where it is better to use the accumulated funds and how important it is to optimize costs now. You can also vividly describe the happy stories of families who have already managed to save money on car insurance.

To recap

Earnings on leadgen in the US are very relevant right now. Auto insurance as well as home energy efficiency improvements and mortgage refinancing are great offers toad to your arsenal. You can always enlist the help of Converting Team creatives to improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Email your CT manager right now and get access to unique leadgen offers and cool working tools to earn money in affiliate marketing!

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