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Stop, Thief! Protect Your Affiliate Links Now!

Your affiliate links are the key to receiving your commissions from vendors. Therefore it is crucial that you keep them safe from thieves. In this article, we’re going to show you how to do just that, so that you can rest assured that your potential campaign earnings are safe and secure.

Affiliate links are the links given to you by vendors in order for you to sell their products. They link your adverts to the vendor’s website and contain a unique ID that shows that the customer visited their site as a direct result of your campaign. It’s therefore crucial that keep your link secure to prevent thieves from taking your hard earned commissions.

One of the most effective ways to protect your affiliate links is by using cloaking tools. These ensure that your affiliate Username remains hidden from potential thieves.

URL Shortening



Into one like this:


Not only does this cloak your affiliate ID but it also looks far more professional and trustworthy and will be less likely to make people question the authenticity of your promotion.

One great free URL shortening service is https://tinyurl.com/ which can provide you with both automatic and custom URLs.

Cloaking Tools


Cloaking tools are primarily used for hiding your campaigns on social media sites whose policies don’t otherwise allow you to advertise, however, they usually offer paid tools and programs which will take care of all of your security concerns for you, including hiding your affiliate links.

Here are a few such sites which are well worth a look:


Traffic Armor


No Ip Fraud


Just Cloak It

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