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Trends in Trading: The Best GEOs for 2022

Global trading offers are bringing massive income streams to thousands of successful affiliates. We have analyzed the latest data from the first half of 2022 and identified the top GEOs for trading traffic. 



According to research by Chainalysis, the popularity of trading by country at the beginning of 2022 looked like this. Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Ukraine and Kenya topped the list. During the first quarter of the year, the situation changed somewhat. 

Here’s a brief overview of the current best GEOs for trading.


The Middle East and Africa

The popularity of currency trading in Middle Eastern and African regions has grown from 2021 to 2022 by 60.2%. Alongside the UAE, Bahrain is now also one of the leaders in financial technology. In Africa, the demand for trading is steadily growing in Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. You may be surprised, but the level of income for young professionals in South African countries is now about $1,503 per month.

The level of education and financial opportunities of young people in these countries also continues to grow. With this growth, the demand for trading is also growing along with the wider availability of mobile Internet. 

The Foresight Africa 2022 Statistical Report shows that since 2020, the countries of the African continent have managed to make significant progress in terms of demand for trading, although so far the region owns only 2% of the global value of all traded currencies in the world.

Southern Europe

Where it’s warm and carefree, it’s always nice to invest in trading and have passive income opportunities. The inhabitants of Spain, Italy and Portugal are also not averse to trying new financial investments. 

What is interesting about the region?

The target audience here is hot, and not just because of the climate, but because they are willing to invest. 

On average, residents of Italy and Spain earn between €2000 - €2350 per month. The situation is somewhat different in Portugal, where the average salary is around €1200 per month, although the cost of living is somewhat lower than in other countries in Southern Europe. The search for additional income online is also very relevant and has been in high demand for more than a year.

The main source of traffic for southern European countries is Facebook. We advise you to work hard on creatives, since residents of warm countries, exhausted by the heat, tend to take time replenishing their deposits. It is best to immediately show them all possible profitable offers in creatives, with detailed descriptions, numbers, facts and answers to common questions.

Latin America

Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico - the Latin American region is supportive of the promotion of the trading. Here, not only gaming converts well, but also various interesting offers for trading and education in the currencies markets. Thanks to this, you can get consistently high payouts on Latam offers.

Residents of Latam earn on average about $500-$800 a month. Therefore, when making creatives, it’s important to point out the ease of earning money, because the locals are very hungry for easy money-making opportunities. It’s also good to show how much you can improve your living conditions via increased income with the help of trading.

Scandinavia and Central and Eastern Europe

Sweden, Denmark and Norway, as well as countries like Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, are also great GEOs for experienced affiliates in the trading vertical. Here you can get a conversion rate of around 17-20%, which is not so bad given the high rates and deposits.

In addition, we should not forget that the main tier 1 countries in the region like Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the UK are still attractive to the trading vertical. Although there is a lot of competition here. To make a profit, a larger budget will be required than in the countries of Latam or Africa.

Let’s summarize

Injecting into trading is always a great idea, especially in 2022. The top GEOs for trading are now countries in Africa, the Middle and Near East, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latam regions. Choose a reliable affiliate program and unique offers with a payout guarantee to earn even more on one of the most profitable verticals in the hottest GEOs.

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