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Basic Info

“PopUnderTOTAL offers cost per view services under a real time bidding system, meaning that you will get the maximum amount of money each time one of our ads is displayed to a visitor of your website.”

Website: http://popundertotal.com/

Types of Traffic: Premium popunder direct traffic and external SSPs.

Payment Options: Paypal and Wire Transfer.

Minimum Deposit: $100 USD

Minimum Withdrawal: $1

Payment Frequency: Daily; usually within 12 hours of your request.

Top GEOs: USA, Mexico, Brasil, France, UK, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain and Germany.

Adult: Yes

Tracking Options: Yes (tracking pixel feature).

Targeting Options:

- Countries

- Carriers

- Categories

- Browsers

- Operating system

- Keywords

- Domains…

Account Manager: Yes, on sign up.

Additional information:

  • 150+ GEO’s covered
  • Fraud and bot detection systems
  • Real time reports
  • Campaigns minimum bid starting at $0.10 USD per thousand views
  • 124 capping
  • No minimum traffic requirement.
  • Website should be at least 6 months old.
  • Websites with above 1,000,000 Alexa rank are given higher priority.
  • Your site should contain quality content.
  • Your site should not contain too many ads.
  • Your site should provide an easy and convenient user interface.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popundertotal/

Bonuses: 20% referral commission based on PopUnderTotal’s earnings.

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