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Basic Info

“StartApp is an award-winning mobile media and data company that uses first-party data and insights to enhance the mobile experience for mobile publishers, advertisers, and consumers.”

Website: https://www.startapp.com/

Types of Traffic: App Icon, In-App, Interstitial, Video

Pricing Method: CPA, CPC, CPI, CPM

Payment Options: PayPal or Wire Transfer

Minimum Deposit: $50

GEOs: Worldwide

Adult: No

Tracking Options: Custom, Classic SDK integration with S2S and C2S

Targeting Options:

  • App
  • Carrier
  • Competitors
  • Connection Type
  • Device
  • Gender
  • Geo
  • OS

Account Manager: Only for large-scale accounts

Contact: https://cpimobi.com/contact-us/

Additional information: StartApp offer 4 campaign types: Branding, Performance, Programmatic and Retargeting.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StartApp/

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