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What Converts? Content Strategies for Gaming Offers

Traffic from social networks remains always in the lead, despite all the nuances with restrictions, moderation, bans and rate increases. Today, we’ve gathered up-to-date data on content strategies for attracting players to gaming offers. Let’s talk further about why it’s worth launching campaigns on FB, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and what to bet on when creating advertising creatives.

Why social media is the traffic leader for gaming

Much has already been said about the popularity of gaming as a vertical. The Sunday Herald newspaper in Glasgow quoted one gaming researcher as saying, “About 40% of gaming is now done online, and of course 80% of the population has smartphones, so they carry [games] in their pockets.” And that’s just the UK audience.

Every day, the global network’s audience is growing. Many parts of Africa, Asia, South America and the remotest corners of the world are now able to acces premium gaming content. One of the first things young people do on their smartphone when they have a stable mobile Internet connection is to create an account on popular social networks. The sooner they find your offer with the possibility of useful entertainment, the better.

Why it’s profitable to get traffic from social media:

  • large-scale coverage of the target audience; -application of different promotion strategies;
  • receiving two-way communication from users;
  • excellent prospects for increased income.

Nuances when promoting gaming offers in social networks:

relatively high cost of advertising; strict advertising policy; the need for constant testing of creatives and approaches.

Content strategies

The top affiliates know that in order to get a converting bundle, you need do a lot of testing and spend a decent chunk of your budget on it. In order not to waste money, you need to constantly monitor trends, analyze audience preferences for different GEOs, and focus on tried-and-true content production strategies. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  • entertainment content;
  • building a positive reputation;
  • informative/informative content;
  • engagement and interactives;

Each of these types of content can and should be salesy. Simple entertainment videos with game mechanics - the most popular type of creative - can hook and hold the attention of content consumers.

Reputational videos also matter and can bring in revenue. In them you can show social proof of players’ success - emotions from winning, crediting money to the account, correspondence with platform support, real reviews, etc.

Informational support in the form of the news about the release of new products or game credits, the launch of promotions and bonus giveaways, reviews, interviews and other “to read” also serve as a great hook for the audience.

Interactives are a great way to involve users in the game even at the moment of advertising. Gamers always don’t mind spinning a wheel of fortune or trying their hand at in game features. You can show players that luck is on their side and get them emotionally ready to start playing.

Mistakes and nuances in gaming promotion

No matter how cool your content is, the lion’s share of an advertising campaign’s success always depends on the quality of feedback. If a user writes to the admin or support and doesn’t get a reply on time, or if his/her request isn’t processed at all, the lead gets dumped, depriving you of earnings. It is clear that affiliate itself is not responsible for the quality of client service. But who is responsible?

Here is a good time to understand how important it is to choose a reliable affiliate or direct advertiser for gaming offers. In a professional affiliate network with a good reputation, you will always be notified in advance about the call centers, provided all the necessary support about the offer, and your interests will be defended.

Professional networks help their affiliates with competent consulting when preparing and adapting creatives for different GEOs. The in-house web and design teams always know clearly which creatives convert better.

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