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Worried that new regulations will mean a drop in your conversions? Here are 5 alternative traffic sources

Facebook has started coming down really hard on advertisers, especially those connected to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, whilst it might seem like Facebook have the monopoly as far as social media is concerned, there are other sites out there which are gaining in popularity. Here are our 5 alternative advertising platforms for affiliates.

At the beginning of 2018, reports showed that users were spending an average of 24% less time on Facebook. This dip in user activity came shortly after, Mark Zuckerberg announced there would be more changes to the service.

One of the major problems of Facebook is that they are making it harder for affiliates to advertise and, if they keep following their current trend, it’s only going to get harder. Therefore, now is a good time to start thinking about back up plans, should your campaigns be negatively affected on Facebook’s platform.

1. YouTube


YouTube is one of the top sites on the internet. Their platform boasts an average viewing of one billion videos a day on mobile alone. With that much traffic flowing through the site you’d be crazy not to use it, however, many affiliates don’t. The reason for this is that producing well-made video content can seem like too much of a challenge for most affiliates, but remember, the more effort you put into your campaigns, the better the results, and video content can generate some serious interest and profits.

Even if you’ve never made video content before, you can always learn. There are plenty of short film courses available, both in schools and online and, if you’ve got a bit of creativity and enjoy problem solving then, you can get a lot of enjoyment from producing your own content. Better still, if you’re savvy, you won’t need to spend loads of money on expensive equipment.

2. Instagram

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Instagram is now owned by Facebook, so the chances are at some point it will end up following the same trends, however, it is currently far less restrictive in terms of advertising. Instagram can be very effective if you want to draw in loyal followers who will help you establish a brand. It is one of the most under-rate advertising platforms and arguably one of the best, especially for niche products.

3. Google AdWords

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Google Adwords is a remarkably powerful tool to have in your arsenal as it enables you to advertise on millions of websites and reach a massive 90% of internet users.

If you are lucky, your ads can appear on major sites like The New York Times.

4. Outbrain

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Outbrain is another great native advertising site where you can have your campaigns featured on sites such as Time and the Sky News App. If you are targeting the UK then you’ll definitely want to consider using their services.


5. Twitch

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Twitch is one of the fastest growing social media platforms focused at the online gaming community. Gamers make money from playing online and inviting people to watch and make donations. If the idea of spotty teens watching others playing video games doesn’t seem lucrative, then bear in mind that the top Twitch streamer has over 3 million followers and 160,000 paid subscribers. The truth is, gaming is now mainstream and there are a lot of people out there who like spending their money on Twitch’s site.

Don’t worry if you think it might be outside of your niche, many gamers get their following by showing people their lives outside, whether they are fitness fanatics or gamblers, the site allows for things outside of gaming to be promoted too, without taking the focus away from their main objective.

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