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No Bull Policy

No Bull Policy

We've built a network of thousands of publishers. If your product is interesting enough, they will all send their love your way. But there’s a catch!

We are picky when it comes to Advertisers. Only 1% of the offers made by our Advertisers go live with our affiliates. That’s because we have a No Bull policy. We are Converting Team for a reason and we only promote offers that convert.

Verticals which are working well for our advertisers*

  • Leadgen
  • Ecomm
  • Investing & Trading
  • Gambling & Lottery
  • Sweepstakes
  • Health & Beauty
  • Crypto

*That’s not to say we aren’t willing to try new ones

Technology as a fair judge

You can put all of your care and attention into improving your products and offers and we’ll make sure you get the customers you deserve.

The only thing that really matters to us is how profitable your offer is going to be for our affiliates. We optimize all the clicks that the network receives in real-time and send most of the traffic to the offers which are performing the best.

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Technology as a fair judge
Only pay if it works

Only pay if it works

Choose the commission type that suits your offer. Pay for the lead, pay for the product once it gets delivered or the app installed. In each case, you will only pay when your desired action happens.

As an affiliate network, we’ll only ever charge you after we’ve delivered the customers to your offers.

You only pay for what you get.

We fight fraudsters

We have several automated processes that analyze all the traffic we receive in real-time.

In addition to this we also have an internal team who manually check any abnormalities that may occur.

There are a lot of fraudsters out there trying to scam people out of their budgets with low quality traffic. They won't succeed with us.

We fight fraudsters

Implementation in a matter of minutes

Implementation in a matter of minutes

We support all of the common connections between your system and ours, including API, Postback and URL.

We have pre-defined solutions for the majority of available tracking softwares, which means our average implementation takes about 5 minutes!

No more waiting for weeks until IT experts on both sides find the time to connect the systems. We are ready to go NOW!

We are at your service

Our service doesn’t end after on-boarding. Once you are integrated with us you will get a dedicated Advertiser manager who will optimise your campaigns.

We’ll also give you our expert advice on how to promote your offers so that they get maximum attention. We’ll also help you to optimise your campaigns on a daily basis.

Our creative team are always on hand producing new angles and ideas to promote your products so that your offers last longer, without the need for extra investment or complete overhauls. We’ll just change the marketing. Clever, right?

We are at your service

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